Welcome to Atmos Outdoor!

At Atmos Outdoor we are just as passionate about overlanding as you are! We have specially selected equipment that you can use when heading to those unforgettable off the beaten track places.

From recovery gear used to get you safely through the swollen Orange River to keeping the family happy with hot water showers in the dry Richtersveld.  As an added bonus, most of this can be monitored via an app on your cellphone (product dependent).

About Steve & Shawn

Steve and Shawn have been friends and business partners for close to 20 years and have several business interests in various fields.

Steve has a passion for exploring and finding new places and has travelled to dozens of exciting countries including numerous countries in Africa as well as the Panamanian rain forest, Gobi Desert in Mongolia and the Great wall of China. Steve loves gadgets and tries to get the balance between a well-stocked “light” overlanding vehicle and having the right tool/gadget for almost all situations.

Shawn is an avid undersea explorer and has been certified as a master and specialized gas diver. Shawn has dived in numerous places around Southern Africa as well as Philippines and the Red Sea. His passion is anything under water and if he could, he would live in the awesome ocean. Shawn’s drive is contagious and always on the lookout for new opportunities to grasp with both hands. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to work with you in making your overlanding experience a lasting memory that is filled with laughter, passion, and excitement no matter where you go. The gear we supply is sourced from well-established Australian companies and has been tested to ensure many years of enjoyment.  

Our Vision:

Our vision is to grow a lifestyle that is driven by the passion to head out into the far-flung places and ensure that our friends that we make along the way enjoy every moment of their journey.